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Rev. & Mrs. James C. Car    rington, Jr.
                        Searching Out Souls Partnership

My wife Betty and I give God all the praise and glory for the work He is doing through "Searching Out Souls Ministries." We know that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself with the help of the Holy Spirit is the senior partner in all of our endeavors. As he issues the orders, we simply obey and enjoy the fruits of obedience. The purpose of this ministry is to do our part to fulfill Acts 6:7, "And the Word of God increased; and the number of disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of priests were obedient to the faith." After more than 30 years in the ministry, we are coming into our full strength. Our call in this hour is to bring the Body of Christ into its full maturity as well. Just as Jesus increased the number of disciples from 12 to 70 in order to expand His mission, so the Lord has directed us to invite partners in this vision. We are asking you to pray about becoming an "Searching Out Souls Vision Partner." We believe that God is calling many many people to work together with us in His plan to preach this gospel around the world. May God's richest and best be yours. Click on Vision Partner for more details.

 Gideon Club Benefits

As you share your heart, prayers and resources in partnership with this ministry, we pray and believe that you will partake of the revelation, anointing, healing, victory and prosperity that is upon this ministry.


  • Pray for this ministry regularly

  • Support this ministry with a monthly financial commitment of $25.00 for CD's $45.00 for DVD's
  • Support SOS Ministry crusades or meetings in your area.
  • Always uplift the ministry with faith filled, positive words.


  • Regular prayer from this ministry for your success and victory
  • Monthly News letter
  • For $25.00 four CD's or cassetts monthly, for $45.00 per month four DVD's
  • Gideon Club membership certificate  
  • Gideon Club Membership Card that enables you to a 10% discount on all tapes, CD'S, DVD's etc.

If you would like to become a member call SOS Ministries or make your payment through Papal

             281-931-3570   1-866-790-7729


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