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Rev. James Carrrington, Jr. 

SOS Vision Partnership

$25.00 or more per month

It is our desire to reach the masses with the word of Jesus Christ.  The only way we can accomplish our goal is through your help.  God has given us a plan and we invite you to become a part of that plan.  We're asking each viewer of our TV Broadcast to contribute $25.00 per month, yes $25.00 per month to support the vision.    If you would like to give more it is appreciated.  I'm reminded when Jesus took two fish and five loaves of bread and feed 5000 men not counting women and children and had twelve baskets left.  God has the power to take our little and do much with it.  For your $25.00 per month we will send you a membership card allowing you a 10% discount on all purchases and one DVD of your choice per month.

If you would like to become a Vision Partner call SOS Ministries or make donation thru Paypal.

281-931-3570 or 1-866-790-7729                  

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